Open Source

I contribute to various Open Source projects, mostly related to Zend Framework.

Expressive Config Manager

Lightweight library collecting, merging and caching configuration. Dedicated for Zend Expressive-based applications, but can be used by any project.
It will be moved into Zend Framework organization in coming months, right now it is available here.

Blast components

Blast is a set of helper libraries that can be consumed by PSR-7-compatible applications.

  • blast-base-url provides PSR-7 middleware that eases serving application from subdirectory or without setting up URL rewriting.
  • blast-json-error - middleware for reporting errors in JSON format, capable of reporting full stack trace.
  • blast-test-utils is a small library that helps writing integration tests. It goes through list of defined services and tries to instantiate them.
  • blast-reflection-factory - universal factory for Zend Service Manager that uses Reflection for instantiating objects. It uses type hints in constructor arguments to pull correct dependencies from SM.
  • blast-input-filter allows setting up validators, filters and input filters using configuration. Gives you similar options as ZF2, but it is not based on ModuleManager, so it comes without performance penalty.