About me

Mateusz Tymek

VP Platform & Co-founder at Cleeng

Between working as a freelance developer and finally settling at my current company, I always loved solving difficult problems. From optimizing platform for thousands of concurrent users to improving team internal processes, the challenge is driving my motivation.

At this moment I'm a full-time manager at Cleeng - the best place to work at. From time to time I take the role of consultant/advisor/trainer - given the topic is interesting and I can learn something from it.

Open Source enthusiast

I strongly believe in ideas behind Open Source movement. I'm encouraging my team to use OSS and to contribute. I share my code whenever I feel it can bring value to the community.


I'm always looking for new experiences. Every week I try to do something that I never did before, be it cooking something new, learning new sport or at least reading new book.

Out of all this experiences there is one that I felt in love with: snowboarding - since a few years it is my favorite way of "recharging my batteries".

Contact me

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My e-mail address is [email protected]